With the launch of The McMonigle Group Corp’s sub brand, Agent Inc, John McMonigle is proud to also announce the launch of its ancillary agency, Agent Inc Insurance:

What We Offer

Personal Insurance

Most of us have felt the pain of paying thousands of our hard earned dollars each year to health, home and auto insurance carriers, but few have had the even more unfortunate pain of having to file a claim against such policies. Those who do find themselves in the position of having to file a claim learn one very important thing; the broker they chose to buy their insurance from has more affect on their future happiness than they ever thought possible. We are the perfect personal insurance solution for you because our account mangers take pride in building meaningful relationships with account holders, allowing for a full picture of your family’s risk, whether protecting your livelihood, your health or your property.

Commercial Property & Casualty

Every company needs robust liability and property protections. Whether you are a growing company trying to keep up with your internal changes, or a stable company running to keep up with the changing business world around you; a strong property and casualty brokerage like us will provide you with recommendations for the products needed to properly mitigate constantly evolving internal and/or external risk.

Agent Inc Insurance specializes in High Net Worth Portfolio Risk Management for Personal Lines and Commercial Line clients in the following areas:

  •          Auto Insurance
  •          Homeowners Insurance
  •          Personal Excess Liability
  •          Valuable Articles
  •          Watercraft Insurance
  •          Professional Liability
  •          General Liability

We believe that the convenience of providing property insurance at the close of Escrow with competitive rates is another great reason to utilize McMonigle Group Corp’s esteemed agents services.

To obtain additional details regarding Agent Inc. Insurance, call 949.337.4062.