Diane Buckingham prides herself on creating a memorable, emotive, and gratifying real estate experience for all of her clients and colleagues. As an experienced, problem-solving, luxury agent who has represented buyers and sellers across the entire real estate spectrum, Diane utilizes her dynamic, “outside-the-box” skillset to negotiate and transact favorable and beneficial deals based on a combination of market knowledge and gut instinct. Since her first day in the field, Diane has met high-end client challenges head-on, using a multi-faceted approach of creativity, intellect, and know-how—with a dash of “Southern Belle” hospitality. Her ability to present the “cold hard truth” allows her esteemed clientele the necessary knowledge and wisdom to make decisions with both heart and mind, creating a transparent, straightforward, and sincere experience based on facts, not fiction. Her dedication to providing a personal, private, and high-level financial experience is at the forefront of all her interactions, intentions, and decisions. Aside from providing upfront, premiere real estate service and consultation, Diane enjoys spending time with her husband and their 4 addictively adorable toy poodles. For Diane, there is no better moment than when a client achieves their real estate goals—a smile widens, satisfaction grips the soul, and behind the eyes, an exciting and fruitful future is realized.