Erin Newman combines her love of challenge, pleasure of success, and care of clients to fuel her successful real estate business. As an Associate Broker, she utilizes her extensive real estate knowledge with her enjoyment of helping people find a perfect home. Having raised six children, she understands the importance of home to single clients to families. Investment properties are a large part of her career also. Knowing how to evaluate and manage investments daily benefits her clientele. She is talented in selling homes; her ability to market based on the unique home characteristics enhances and contributes to happy home sellers.

Erin Newman grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona as Erin Coleman. She lived in Scottsdale most of her growing years. She attended Judson School, Pueblo Elementary and Saguaro High School. She was proud to be the Saguaro Sabercat mascot for a few football games. The costume was a bit warm (they did not have air-conditioned costumes in that day!) so her mascot career was short lived.

Erin attended both Scottsdale Community College and Arizona State University. She was married in 1984 and followed her husband to the Bay Area in California. She graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in Biology. Her first daughter was born in the city and her family began.

She returned to Scottsdale, Arizona shortly after her first daughter was born. Having grown up in construction (her father’s business), she started a flooring business as well as grew her family. She ran the business as well as home schooled the family of six children. All four older children went to major universities and graduated. Her youngest 2 children are currently in college.

Erin’s love of construction, helping others and ability to negotiate was a natural transition into starting her real estate career. With the knowledge and love of family and homes, she decided to start her career in real estate. She was successful and enjoyed the ability to help others buy and sell their homes. The clients that she started with have been through the cycle of buying, selling and buying again. She is well connected across the United States and Internationally. She has helped many clients find help in all areas that they are looking to purchase or sell homes.

Using the latest technologies, market research and business strategies are a handful of Erin’s strong skills. More importantly, she listens to her clients; that has allowed her to find the solutions that are best for her clients. Being E-Pro certified she is educated and uses the most current real estate tools to guarantee the best price when one is buying, selling – or both! Her GRI designation has given her the best care practice and top-level tools for her transactions.  Her joy and passion for helping others makes her daily tasks part of her life; her career and business thrive with her energy.