Hoda Hajirnia is setting out to master every aspect of real estate. Growing up in a family where her father was a very successful real estate investor and her uncles were both highly regarded real estate agents, Hoda learned the fundamentals of real estate at a very young age. Her dream has always been to follow in her family’s footsteps and continue making a name for herself and her family in the real estate industry. Prior to joining The McMonigle Team, Hoda Hajirnia worked in the newsroom for the network television channel ABC. She had the privilege of working along the side of some of the top Anchors in the nation such as Marc Brown, Dallas Raines, and George Pennacchio. Although she gained a wealth of knowledge and was encouraged by many to pursue an on-screen anchor position, Hoda knew her true passion was real estate.

Hoda has combined her dedication and experience both in real estate and entertainment and is ready to make a giant footprint in the high-end real estate luxury market. Her personable and professional character allows Hoda to build and maintain solid friendships, long-term clients, and a wealth of business relationships within the community. Hoda is young and ambitious, but she also brings the wisdom of real estate knowledge that garners a charismatic sense of confidence in negotiating any type of real estate transaction. Hoda grew up in Los Angeles County, however, 7 years ago she moved to Orange County where she obtained her Bachelor Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism.

Her guiding quote is, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”

Hoda enjoys living a healthy balanced lifestyle. So outside of work, you can find her training at the gym, hiking, or out at the beach. Her favorite place to vacation is Paris, France where her boyfriend proposed to her.

Hoda donates to several charities and is a volunteer member of two non-profit organizations, Miracles for Kids and United Way.

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