Jaime Burlile is the Mother of 4 children and has been in Real estate for the past decade. As a child Jaime was surrounded by the industry and so it is easy to say that Real estate is in her bones. Jaime bought her first House in the Temecula Valley when she was 21 and grew to own several homes in the area over the years.  Jaime grew to be a respected and liked landlord in the area. After going through what would be a life changing and hard divorce, Jaime quickly rose to be one of the most successful buyers agents in the Valley, earning several awards including many agent of the month awards as well as agent of the year and was even nominated as the Best Buyers agent in the Valley for 2017. Jaime is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what she does, with a real passion for helping Families and she often turns clients into lifelong Friends.