Marissa Fink, a Newport Beach native is extremely passionate about Orange County, of which real estate is such an integral part. Marissa graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Society & Environment from UC Berkeley and being a real estate specialist is allowing her to merge her educational background with her expertise of the local real estate market. She prides herself in taking care of every detail because she will not achieve her goal unless her buyer or seller has achieved their goal.  Her personal approach, communication abilities, and business background is the mark of her success.

Her love for the environment began at the Upper Newport Back Bay Nature Reserve where she is continuing her efforts to spread awareness of the importance of preserving and conserving one of California’s last coastal wetlands.

Marissa speaks fluent French and has studied and lived abroad in Barcelona, London, Paris and French Polynesia. She has developed the ability to connect with international real estate investors from her numerous experiences abroad. She is committed to helping communities in need and created a use analysis study for undeveloped land which assisted struggling family farmers in French Polynesia.