Mark Jurjescu is a native of Southern California having grown up in the Orange area and having graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

After graduation Mark spent the better part of five years working and trying to find a career he was passionate about and that he could dedicate the rest of his life towards.  This lead him into various customer centric jobs, primarily in the restaurant industry as waiter and bartender.

While working and still looking for that spark of career passion to hit him, Mark did an activity most people will try to do at some point in their life, try to find a place to live and call home.  While doing this he stumbled across all the difficulties and complexities associated with renting, buying, selling, and investing in real estate.  Seeing all these challenges that customers have to deal with first hand it sparked him to get his real estate license in 2016.

Mark’s own experiences have shaped his three big goals when working with customers.  One, he wants them to have the easiest, most stress free experience.  Two, he wants to make sure they completely understand what’s going on at every step in the process.  Three, he wants his customers to never feel as if they had any problems communicating with him throughout the process.

His top qualities that make him an excellent agent are his excellent communication skills he learned from working many years in customer service, his education which taught him many valuable skills like marketing and negotiating, and his area knowledge which he obtained from his lifelong experiences across Southern California.

     So, if your looking for a Realtor who provides high touch customer service, who is passionate about his work, and who is driven to help people then Mark Jurjescu is the Realtor for you.  As Mark likes to say, “There is no question too small to ask me or no problem to big for me to solve.”