Nate Smithson



As a native of Massachusetts, Nate has always been in love with the beauty and allure of Southern California. After graduating college with a degree in Kinesiology, Nate left his successful personal training business to move across the country by himself to start a new life in California. After moving to Orange County, Nate spent his first year helping kids with cerebral palsy learn how to walk, sit, stand, and go through intense physical therapy regimens. Nate took his lessons of compassion and service to others and decided to forego graduate school and instead go back into a life of entrepreneurship. He learned how to run businesses, establish successful client relationships, manage employees, run systems, and most importantly get results. During this time period he got involved with a business partner helping 2 investors looking for an income producing property. The end result was that they were able to finally retire and live comfortably off of their passive income. That experience was where Nate found his passion for helping others navigate the largest and most important transactions of their lives through real estate. He shortly after decided to pursue a career in real estate full time. He now works with investors to find off market investment deals to get them the best possible roi. When he’s not helping people with their real estate needs, you can find Nate in the gym working on his goal of becoming a professional natural bodybuilder. Nate delivers his work ethic and discipline developed from bodybuilding to go above and beyond and offer his clients the best possible service.


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