Rick Colson

Senior Associate


Breaking a sales record in your community is my goal!

The reason why I love working with Wall Street Journal’s #1 Real Estate Sales Team is because of John McMonigle and his 20 years of experience in marketing and selling luxury homes. Also, John has one of the best databases in the industry which equates to more exposure for selling your home.

I specialize in working with high net worth families that buy multiple homes. My goal is not to list and sell your home, it is to market and sell your home for a record-breaking price.

I know relying on the M.L.S. for selling luxury homes is not working. Currently, 50% of luxury homes listed are not selling the first and second time around, if at all. Listing a luxury property on the M.L.S. and waiting for buyers to call in is not a strategy. Listing agents should be able to demonstrate that they can market and sell a luxury home off the M.L.S. A great question to ask agents interviewing to sell your home is, “how are you going to market and sell my home outside of the M.L.S.”?

I have put together an elite group that uses effective algorithms, specialized database brokers, property profiles, buyers profiles and a list of thousands of Ultra High Net Worth Families to market and sell your home. This level of buyer is not looking at the M.L.S., Zillow, and Trulia for homes to invest in.

After the 2008 – 2010 downturn the trend with the ultra-high net worth families has moved from Wallstreet’s stock and bond portfolios to buying homes and other hard assets (Gold and Silver). The UHNW families have learned that Real Estate, Gold and Silver investments are more conservative for their family’s investments.

Several trending UHNW families have decided to buy 100’s homes and sit on them for 10 to 20 years riding out the different real estate cycles. This is real live monopoly being played out and most don’t even know about it. These buyers are not on the M.L.S. searching for homes. We need to bring your home to them discreetly. Remember these buyers buy with long term returns on their mind.

Allow me 20 minutes of your time I will prove that marketing and selling your luxury home off the MLS is the best thing possible. I think you will be excited to see how well placed exposure can get your home sold for more money in less time.

I use artificial intelligence to find the best buyers for your specific property based on your property’s features and benefits. ASK ME HOW

Call 949-322-4567 today to set your appointment to see if we’re a good match for your home sale. The meeting will show you ways we can increase the exposure of your home to a special segment of high net worth families that may not even be looking to buy another luxury home today.


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  • Terry J.

    I have encountered many Real Estate brokers in my time, some good and some not so good, so hiring Rick to sell my home in Monarch Bay pushed the envelope further in so many ways, and all of them good! His upbeat attitude is not forced, but a genuine reflection of his outlook on life, and his willingness to help me improve, clean & present the home in the best light, was over & above what I had expected.

    He had many ideas about the custom marketing of the property, and employed an excellent photographer and even a drone for those eye-in-the-sky shots of my home. We had many open discussions on the pros & cons of various tactics, some of which were very intense, but through it all we maintained a great working relationship, which culminated in the sale of my home. Rick is passionate about his profession, and has many fresh & interesting ideas on how to achieve set goals, so if you are looking for someone to represent you either selling or buying property, especially in the So County Coastal area, you would be hard pressed to find someone better than Rick Colson, alias ‘Rick the Realtor’.

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