NEWPORT BEACH, CA – In today’s real estate market, the need for guidance, understanding and the right tools to start anew are more important than ever. At M Resolution Group, located in the Newport Beach offices of Beverly Hills-based Teles Properties, clients are finding all of that and more on their road to a brighter future.

“At M Resolution, we recognize the need among those holding distressed properties or non-performing assets in the high-end market to receive strategic planning and lien negotiation services,” noted John McMonigle, company founder. “We work hand in hand with our clients to identify innovative solutions that will help them make an informed choice.”

“Teles Properties is proud to have M Resolution on the team. With the current complex financial and economic environment, it is very important that our clients receive the right support and information to make sound business decisions,” commented Peter Hernandez, president and broker of record with Teles Properties.

“Having a firm that understands the complexity involved in wealth preservation while providing innovative solutions to its clientele is a competitive advantage that any successful real estate venture will benefit from,” added McMonigle.

M Resolution’s staff of qualified real estate professionals helps to create strategic plans, negotiate payoffs with lenders and lien holders, and assist people in creating a blueprint for a fresh start so they can move forward in their life. Working with luxury property agents, high-net-worth individuals and institutions, the company strives to reach its goal of streamlining the process and creating a win-win outcome for both property holders and agents.

M Resolution is driven by transactional transparency, collapsing time frames, providing oversight and education with an eye on rebound, recovery and re-entry for the distressed homeowner. One of its primary competitive advantages is the state-of-the-art-technology it utilizes to manage properties, vendors, tasking and agent/buyer performance. Another is its ability to demonstrate to homeowners a plan to re-enter the marketplace with its proprietary Fresh Start Program, which provides a clear path for helping homeowners recover and rebound.

For further information regarding M Resolution Group, contact Amy Sessner, Director of Loss Mitigation, at 949.463.1409 or [email protected]; and Shelly Cofini, Chief Strategist, at 949.922.3698 or [email protected].