This is event that draws people from all over, but there is a particular pride for those who call Newport Beach their home! After all, it’s not every community that can have a boat parade!

“Meeeeeerrrrrrrry Christmas” says the big happy bearded man in the red suit, but this Santa Claus is on a boat. He’s giving hefty ho-ho-ho’s in this years Newport Beach Christmas Parade. The parade, which runs through Sunday night has been kicking off the holiday season in this waterfront community for 106 years. Locals love it and for good reason. It’s always very colorful. Even early pictures of the parade show that.

Back in the early days the floats were fun, They were creative. They still are, but now, they get pretty expensive. Some owners have spent more than $50,000 bucks to decorate their boats of all sizes and light em up.

This year’s Grand Marshalls are two of Newport Beach’s own… actress Leslie Mann who says the parade is “just fun. It’s tradition!” And, singer/actor Mark McGrath. He says “Christmas has truly arrived when the parade is happening. As you can see it galvanizes the entire community.”

Some who watched it told us this year’s parade was amazing. Lisa Umbelina said “It’s pretty surrealistic.” This was her first parade.

And, Zetta Grich called it “Gorgeous.”

**all post credit to MY FOX LA 11