I would like to thank Hoda Hajirnia for her incredible patience with me and my relatives. I recently had relatives come from out of the country to further along their business in the US and it came to the point where they needed to buy a home. Finding a home is not easy. Hoda was very honest and upfront on any questions they had. She works with a well-organized team who kept me and my relatives informed about upcoming due dates, changes in scheduling and so on. She was very knowledgeable, kind, and put in a lot of time and dedication to get the house that my relatives were looking for. It took several houses to go around looking at the good and the bad and we didn’t get the pressure with her to get a home which wasn’t the right one for my relatives. She was trying to be sure that they were buying “the right house”. Thank you Hoda for your hard work and dedication and finding the perfect home for my relatives – I am definitely coming to you for when I purchase my own home!

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